Interview with Miss Jenn Davis: Spanking isn’t a real spanking unless it’s on the bare

Hello, today we talked to Miss Jenn Davis for you. She is a really strict disciplinarian. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions.

How do you feel when spanking?

P O W E R F U L !  A rush of endorphins. Fun.  Sometimes sadistic.

What is your favorite spanking tool?

The LEATHER strap. It’s super sexy, feels good in the hands of the spanker and to the bottom of the spankee. It’s also the best type of implement to use if the person I’m spanking can’t have marks.

Introducing yourself I’m not super comfortable with spanking play in public. you say, but the opposite is more enjoyable, isn’t it? I mean spanking in public?

I think we’re talking about two different forms of the word “public”. I do agree that your version of a public spanking is much more enjoyable and YES I love those type of semi-public spankings.  As in, pulling over on the side of the road, dragging the naughty boy or girl (of consenting age) out of the car and spanking them right there on the side of the road where anyone could drive or walk by. I actually do that quite frequently. Spankings in the ladies bathroom at the bar, a hairbrushing outside the restaurant, a paddling outside the football stadium, and loads of spankings while site seeing back when I used to be a “traveling disciplinarian”.

In your profile, you state that you are a professional disciplinarian. What exactly is it? Just spanking?

As a Professional Disciplinarian I “specialize” in spanking and domestic discipline. As a spanko myself, I understand the spanko psychology, the various implements that are near and dear to a spankos heart, having a domestic play space, and so on. My sessions include some of the following depending on the spankee: a domestic discipline role play, scolding, strict discipline, punishment, fun spankings, maintenance spankings, corporal punishment, couples mentoring/instruction, and life coaching.

If someone is wanting a strictly spanking session than that is what I offer them. I however am not only a Disciplinarian but also have many other Femdom interests and therefore if someone has other fetish interests that overlap with mine, I will most likely include some of those activties in our session if there is time. Just as some Professional Disciplinarians have other interests such as writing or running. I have other interests as well, including writing and other fetish activities.

Are there specific rules and rituals for spanking? What are yours?

Talk to 100 spankos and you will get 100 different answers to this question. I don’t have a lot of rules and rituals that I follow 100% of the time, but if someone is wanting rules, I can certainly set & enforce them. For example as we all usually say “a spanking isn’t a real spanking unless it’s on the bare”. However I’ve had a handful of newbies talk to me before hand telling me that they had never been spanked before and would it be ok if they could keep their underwear or panties on, as they weren’t sure if they’d be comfortable or shy or whatnot. I agreed and let them know that at any point, if they felt comfortable they could let me know that they’d changed their mind and wanted to be spanked on the bare. Can you guess what happened? Yes, you guessed right, usually within 10-15 min they all felt comfortable enough around me and asked to get a bare bottom spanking. If however, I had insisted that they be required to be spanked on the bare, they may not have come to see me.

And yes, there are loads of rituals that can be part of a spanking: scolding, wagging the finger, calling the naughty boy or girl over to ones side, the unbuckling of the belt, pulling down the pants, grabbing the spankee by the wrist and pulling them over ones lap, the warm up, the aftercare, etc. Which rituals I use will be dependent on what we have negotiated pre-session as well as any other information that is provided in the application that I have all my spankees fill out.

Do you have punishment and control methods other than spanking, if any, what are they?

Oh yes, most definitely!  Strapping the hands or feet, mouthsoaping, bastinado, corner time, face slapping, line writing, and very occasionally if someone brings me some ginger, then a figging.

What is your favorite method of humiliation? My favorite is corner time.

My favorite method of humiliation is a spanking out in public or a spanking in private but in front of witnesses, usually these witnesses are female.

One thing I’ve been wondering is why when spanked, the spanked person is asked to count and say thank you.

As a sign of respect and to make the spanking more challenging. If you’re not being challenged, then you’re not growing… I’ve found that most spankees wish to have their boundaries & limits pushed, which says a lot about their character, who they are, and how they want to be the BEST version of themselves that they can be.

Interested in Chastity? The only way to control men. What would you like to say about it?

Oh yes, I love chastity! I enjoy that type of power, I also find that men who are locked up have a lot more energy (whether that be mental, physical or creative energy, or a combo of all of those) than they do if they are allowed “release” whenever and wherever they would like. A man under strict lock and key, can accomplish GREAT things in his life & for those around him, and has so much motivation and desire to please his keyholder.

What are your future projects?

I’ve been working on some new books that should be released in the near future on Amazon. Updating my own podcast, which is called the “Spanking and All Things Femdom” podcast as well as being a guest on other podcasts.

Other than that, doing a lot of the same old same old, which for me is: in-person sessions, phone sessions, custom audio clips, video clips, OnlyFans, and more. Did you know that last year I was on TV talking about spanking and domestic discipline? That probably won’t happen again this year, but hey, you never know 😉 To get more info on ALL my project it’s best to check out my website: and once you’ve read through my website you are welcome to reach out to me at my email

Finally, what would you like to say to our readers?

I hope you enjoyed this and found something of value in this interview. If you came across Constantinople’s wonderful spanking site, then you obviously have some sort of interest in spanking. And there are so many different ways to explore spanking whether it’s through spanking artwork, getting spanked or spanking someone else, watching spanking videos, listening to audios, video games, photos, talking about spankings or doing role plays on the phone or via skype, poetry, reading spanking books or stories, spanking cartoons, and more. So go out there and explore, endulge, and ENJOY the art of spanking. Spanking is not something you need to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Maybe people feel that they are alone or unusual in this interest, but they are not. Until you really get out there and explore, you may not realize just how popular spanking is and how incredibly common it truly is. Spanking is something special that is meant to be treasured and explored. So go EXPLORE & report back to me what you end up discovering about yourself in the process!

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